A LIFT OF ORGANISATIONAL ENERGY for greater passion and sustainable growth

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Organizational energy – the force, which an organization uses to purposefully put things in motion – is decisive for a company’s capabilities, particularly for growth, change, and innovation.

Our mission: Lift off the organizational energy for more passion and sustainable growth

It is expressed through intensity, vigor, and pace of work, change and innovation processes. Research has shown that organizational energy correlates positively with organizational success, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Organizational energy is made measurable and comparable between companies through the developed employee survey method. Measuring energy is carried out with an employee survey, which may be conducted online. With only 16 questions we are able to reliably determine the state of energy within a team, group or whole organization and subsequently, compare the findings with benchmarks.

After completion of the survey, every company receives a written basic result report. The company can also select between 4 different packages. Every package contains the different type of analyses (such as the comparison between different hierarchy levels, departments, field services or country branches). Based on the results, strategies can be developed with which the concerned company can successfully increase, adjust or maintain its energy.

Now you have a great opportunity to know more about the state of Organizational Energy within your organization.


We know how to! We want to! We can do!

An Organisational energy is a system for promoting productive energy in organizations and measures what the organizations were created for – the passion of employees for achieving their objectives.

This is evidenced by a comparison of indicators between organizations with highly productive energy and organizations with low productive energy. Organizations with highly productive energy tend to achieve better results in the following indicators:

  • Overall performance:14 %
  • Productivity: 17 %
  • Effectiveness: 14 %
  • Customer satisfaction: 16%
  • Customer loyalty:12%
  • Employee commitment: 19%
  • Added value per employee: 20%

Source: Bruch&Vogel, 2012

From this data, it can be assumed the future will belong to those leaders who will be able to manage the organizational energy – the most important natural resource, brought to the organization by people.

The project of organizational energy enhances the reputation of a responsible employer, which goes in step with time and effective HR tools for managing their own positive future.

What includes the project of Organisational energy?

1.   Measurement of Organisational energy 

We do not measure employee satisfaction. We measure the mobilization of emotional and intellectual capital that people release in achieving the organizational objectives and is the most important factor in the success of every organization, from start-up to the large organization.

By participating in the project, you identify the dominant state of energy in your organization and /or in different sectors.Organizational energy measures not only dominant energy state, but also factors which release energy and the factors which constrain the energy in the organization.  These factors can always be influenced by an appropriate leadership style.

Every participating organization receives a basic report on 10 pages, however, tt is possible to obtain also an in-depth report and a comparative report on the industry as well as a workshop where we design measures to increase the organizational energy.

2.   The event 

The results of the measurements will be present at the final event of organizational energy that is usually in December each year. We will compare national results with similar findings across the world and ensure the flow of new knowledge to increase organizational energy. An event is also a place and space where we exchange good practices.

3.The Certificate of Good Energy 

The Certificate of good organizational energy receive all those organizations that reach or exceed the single index of the organizational energy of 2,50.  The validity of the Certificate is one year.

The gainers of Certificate of Good Energy are selected by an expert committee on the basis of the measured results. The prize is awarded at the final event in the company of the Slovenian media and partners of the project.


4. The Award of Good Energy

Among the recipients of the Good Organizational Energy certificate, we will choose the winner of the selection – that is, tthe organization with the highest single index of organisational energy.

5. Measurement in different sectors

We are measure the organisational in five different  industries and sectors according to the global business classification:

1. Services

2. Consumer goods and industrial products

3. Financial services

4. The technology, information/communication, and entertainment

5. Energy and utilities

According to the purchased package, we also make a comparative analysis in the industry and a comparative analysis according to the size of the organization.

More about packages you will find HERE.

Can this project contribute to success of my organisation?

The project Organisational energy can contribute to all organizations; corporations, public organizations and the government sector, public-private partnerships, institutions, NGOs … and to all who want to increases inner passion of people, improve key performance  indicators and gain sustainable growth. 

The management team

The project is managing by Danijela Brečko, a pioneer in the exploration of organizational energy: 

e-mail:; mobile: +386 41 798 655

The project is co-created by:

Development partners: Sofos, O.K. Consulting, Racio Razvoj, Trgotur,  Izor and Insights 

Academic partners: Faculty of Philosophy University of Ljubljana- Department of Psychology, MLC – Management and Law Faculty and the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. 

Ambassadors of the project: Slovenian Human Resources Association and Slovenia Association of Psychologists. 

Media partners: Delo – daily newspaper, HR&M Magazine, Psychology of work 

Organizer: Sofos

Do you want to be a part of our project?  Please contact the project manager.




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